Samia Jaber

Country: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Samia Jaber


Biography As an artist Samia intended to shed light and bring awareness to a struggle that she herself had lived under, the struggle of the Palestinian people living under the Israeli occupation. Much of her early artwork was an attempt to visually articulate the suppression of the youth’s aspiration to nourish and flourish. This, in turn, naturally expressed that war and occupation trauma in Palestine has robbed the essence of their childhood and enforced maturity. The symbolism in her artwork mirrors the person that she is and the life she encounters, including her identity as a Palestinian. Nonetheless, after several years of vocalizing the inhumane occupation her artwork focus has taken on a role of representing her motherhood. Samia was born in 1960 in Birzeit, Palestine. She has accomplished two degrees, one in Business Administration from Baghdad University and another in Fine Arts from the University of Sharjah. The artist has been living in the United Arab Emirates for the past 30 years with her own family. Living in Dubai has given her opportunities to voice the Palestinian struggle through her art exhibitions. She has exhibited in several art demonstrations, such as Children as Victims and Awakeness at the University of Sharjah, Voices from Home in Media City, and a solo exhibition My Roots at the Dubai Ladies Club. Samia’s crowning achievement was her exhibition Wamadat Min Bayti which was held at her home. Her most recent exhibition Embrace was held at the Four Walls Gallery. She is an active member of the Ikebana Club and has partaken conferences and workshops in Amman, Dubai, and Paris. All funds from Samia’s gallery’s are donated to aid Palestinian organizations, such as the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and Visualizing Palestine.

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