Sara Barjakly

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Born and raised in Jordan, Sara Barjakly developed a love for art of all kinds at a young age. She pursued her studies in Montreal, Canada where she got a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts specializing in painting and drawing from Concordia University.  As a pre-school teacher her aim has been to nourish and inspire the new generations, and as a painter she aims to please her viewers with fresh and bold ideas.  She uses a selection of oil media on large and layered canvases for her impasto paintings.  The physicality of the paint is rather dominant in her work.  Sara’s work evokes the pleasure of viewing and appreciating the real density and thickness of the paint. Cropping and mark-making are also visible in the way Sara paints and uses organic shapes to create the forms of elements found in nature. The human body, brain and imagination are sources of artistic inspiration for Sara. Using the body as a metaphor broadens and enhances her creations.

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