Siran Ajel

Country: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi


Inspired by the great civilizations born and flourished in the ancient Mesopotamia, I try through my artwork to breathe life into the great history of that land and to revive its cultural and humanitarian heritage.

Through every single piece I create, my goal is to deliver a simple but clear message which is that; nothing can stop a nation with such a great and impressive history from keep enriching this world with the most positive and meaningful images of love, beauty, peace and humanity. This is simply the mission I work hard to achieve.

I present here a collection of fabric paintings with designs portraying different cultural and artistic features from the life in the ancient Mesopotamia. Designs are derived mainly from the historical treasures found in the ruins of temples, clay tablets, cylinder seals...etc.

All the steps taken to present any piece in its final shape are hand-made. This includes fabric dying, stitching and painting. All the colors used are permanent.

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