Walid Al Jafari

Country: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Jordanian


"The courage of attempt is the road to innovation." Wise words from self taught painter and highly accomplished academic, Dr. Walid Al Jafari.  Born in Ramleh, Palestine in 1948, Al Jafari holds a PhD in Political Science and Economics from Exeter University in the UK.  By day, he is a prolific researcher and essayist with over three decades' worth of books and articles on Middle Eastern affairs to his name.  Completely self taught as an artist, Al Jafari came to the arts later in life, starting his artistic career in 2001.  His first exhibition took place in Dubai in 2002, and he has participated in eight group shows and six solo exhibitions since then. This unusual Jordanian artist has developed a highly recognizable signature technique mixing acrylic, oil, and ink to produce texturally rich paintings that explore the Arab visual tradition.

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