Wisam Abed

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Al Wisam Workshop for Design Works by Arabic Calligraphy


Wisam abed-C V • B.A of fine arts-Annajah National University-Nablus 1992. • Diploma of postgraduate studies in Arts education-Al-Aqsa University-Gaza 2000. • Course in usage of traditional arts and handcrafts in furniture design-2011. • Course in finance, management and marketing-2011. • Course of administration and marketing-2011. • Lecturer at the Architecture department in the Islamic University Gaza 2003. • Teacher of arts at UNRWA. • Raporteur of the Arts education committee in Khan Yunis area 1997-2000. • Cartoonist at Annahar newspaper 1990-1991. • Scenes designer for theater plays in Gaza such as: (Oh Jerusalem, Land and story, Our home is nicer). • Lecturer at the Arts department in Al-Aqsa University 1997-1999. • Lecturer of many courses in arabic calligraphy, interior design, photography. • Co-founder and supervisor in the cartoon unit at the Islamic University of Gaza -2002. • Realized many researches and studies in Painting, (e.g. potentials of graph and modes of space and artistic anatomy which is a curriculum for the students of Al-Aqsa University since 1998.) • Participant in many arts exhibitions in local and international levels. • Held his first photography exhibition at Annajah university in 1986 in which he presented a new technique (i.e. Drawing with camera). • Held a painting exhibition "out of frame" in cooperation with Mohammad Al-Farra in 2002. • Wrote several essays and poems. • Writer, Designer and Director of the theater operate (Remaining and has a return) and the theater operate (Emerging from the sidewalk), in 2009 and 2012. • Designed many national events such as (children drawing the siege, 60 years on the sidewalk, the march of the international day of lifting the siege, 2008. The festival of the Day of the Palestinian tradition 2000. The domestic economy 2010, Human rights festival 2012. • Winner of the "Freedom for prisoners poster" prize 2010, and "The prisoner's day poster" prize in 2012. • The Arabic character is a basic line in his different artistic works. He started a project in this perspective (Al Wisam workshop for design works by arabic calligraphy) 2012. • Has many works in USA, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Netherlands.

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