Yasmine Pharaon

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: Mina ME Clothing


Mina ME spring/summer wear was created in March 2010 by Yasmine Pharaon. Combining a love for vibrant, fresh and striking colors, and a whole-hearted belief that good luck charms can go a long way, Mina ME designs offer the wearer a chance to express the happier side of fashion. Building on the success of its debut collection 2010, this year Mina ME took into consideration the feedback received from its fans and evolved its designs for the 2012 line of summer wear. The Hand of Fatima - believed to bring good fortune - still dominates the collection. This year Mina ME introduces its new item the Shalee! – 100% silk chiffon and 100% silk twill scarves that can be worn in numerous ways. The Shalee aims at emphasizing the multi-functionality of the scarf to mold and shape to each wearer's liking. The concept is taking a piece of fabric and shaping it to your own personal style and mood- whether you feel like wearing it to the beach as a sarong, out on a summer night as a halter, a fancy dinner as a shawl or to work, tied around your neck - you can find your own special way of wearing it! At Mina ME, we like to add a special touch to each of our products. To that end, the Mina ME Shalee comes with a little illustrated booklet that shows you the different ways to wear it along with a reusable bag that allows you fold it up neatly and carry it around for whenever a fashion emergency comes knocking. In addition the Mina ME summer line ranges to include beach sarongs, beach bags, t-shirts, maxi and short dresses, sun tan and cosmetics bags and short beach wraps, in addition to the Mini Mina ME line with summer dresses for little girls. Now mommy and baby can be dressed alike!

Mina ME Shalee - Happy Skulls
Mina ME Shalee - Blue Fatima Hand
Mina ME Shalee - Orange Fatima Hand
Mina ME Shalee - Orange Fatima Hand 1
Mina ME Shalee - Purple Fatima Hand
Mina ME Shalee- Purple Fatima Hand Chiffon
Mays Flowy Top
Mays Flowy Top 2
Fatima Hand Beach Bag

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