Zina Al Mufleh

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: Zina


I've always had a passion for drawing and, since my childhood i've been doodling various geometric shapes abstract patterns and so on. Realising many of the designs that filled up my pages were wearable pieces. That's when i decided to study jewelry design and it's been a great and inspiring journey since then. Zina Mufleh Jewelry was established in 2008, imagination entwined with cultural themes made it's way from the sketchbook to the trendsetters of Amman, Jordan. Zina Mufleh Jewelry remains to be an ongoing success as the line continues to gain local strength. The collections encompass a gripping blend of abstract concepts and Mediterranean motifs, the bold geometric patterns combined with softer lines fashion the perfect mixture of contemporary heritage; " Endless Old" These collections are the true gold standard.

Islamic Earrings
Vintage Banana Leaf Earrings
Silver Fig Leaf Earrings
Black Fig Leaf Earrings
Double Fig Leaf Earrings
Vintage Banana Leaf Cufflinks 1
Vintage Banana Leaf Cufflinks 2

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